Domination Tower Defence


DTD naturally has many similarities to other tower defence games, but at Orbital we love to break conventions wherever we can. Each level in DTD consists of a base for each the human player and the enemy AI, connected by several paths. Gameplay includes the traditional placement of towers, as well as many other mechanics to create a more rich and varied ‘new’ Tower Defence variant. The name, lore and graphic style of the game are still all pending, but we’ve managed to get a very nice base down, which implements nearly all of the game mechanics.



The player and AI will fight to capture pre-placed buildings. These buildings are placed by the level designers in strategic locations and can be for any purpose ranging from resource acquisition to unit production.


In usual tower defence games it is common for the player to control the turrets and the enemies to stream in from 1 side of the screen in a large line. In DTD however, units are available for both teams and are constantly produced from factories.


What kind of TD game wouldn’t have turrets? There will be a wide range of turrets to choose from in DTD.


Similar to turrets but without an attack. Facilities are used for resource gathering, technology research and many other purposes.


Several traps will be available, and can be placed as a last line of defence.

Orbital Attacks

These are very powerful airstrikes guided by the player.

Unit Gallery

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