The Cloud Runner


In The Cloud Runner (temporary name), the player controls a character who must try and keep travelling for as long as possible to achieve a high score. This involves jumping across clouds in a simple platform game style mechanic. Watch out for gaps!

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Story and Background

The player controls the Runner and must travel across the sky, hopping between clouds. The Runner works for the Moon, and works by spreading the night ahead of the Moon’s journey over the night sky. The moon can’t exist in the day time, and so will be very angry and eat the Runner if he catches up with him.


The player must run from cloud to cloud, trying to keep ahead of the Moon, without falling back to the World. As the player gets further, the gaps will become larger between the clouds, the clouds will be at various heights and the clouds can be a lot smaller. The Moon will also get slightly faster. There are also some pickups on the clouds, which could add to score or increase the speed of the Runner.


The Runner

The Runner is an unhinged, psychopathic slave to the Moon. The Moon won’t let him sleep until he has spread night throughout the whole world. The devious Moon has tricked him, however. The World is round, and so the Runner’s task is never complete. Never sleeping has taken its toll on the Runner, and hence he has become rather tweaked and unstable.

The Moon

The Moon is jealous of the Sun’s power and affect on people, and how the bossy Sun would never let the Moon rest. Fair enough to tour the World once a day if you are the magnificent Sun, but the night shift is a tiresome and un-rewarding job. The Moon has the tedious job of providing light at night time, which no one really appreciates. His bitterness has lead him to become lazy, selfish and scheming. He offered the Runner a job where the Runner could tour the world and see all the sights from a high up vantage point. This deal was very one sided. It leaves the majority of the Moon’s responsibility with the Runner, but with none of the reward or visibility. Furthermore, if the Runner fails at his job, the Moon will eat his soul. What a terrible hidden clause!

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